Past Projects

Offshore Accommodation Vessels

VMG provided design, finance and arranged the construction of offshore accommodation vessels for a number of shipping companies, including Bibby Line for use in the North Sea, other offshore oil zones, and locations requiring specialist accommodation vessels (such as, more recently, refugee housing).

Ice-class Panamax Clean Product Tankers

VMG’s sister company, SPEC, provided the design and oversight of the construction for a series of ice-class product carriers. VMG advised on the financing and ownership structures and worked with the financing bank to deliver the vessels despite the numerous financial shocks linked to market crashes in 2008.

Current Projects


VMG is currently developing a number of waste-to-energy projects, principally in the UK, based on a multi-stage process, to maximise efficiency with a minimal environmental footprint. The equipment selected by VMG is also suitable to floating applications for use in remote island communities and other marine/aquatic environments.

Floating/Flood-proof Accomodation

Following frequent large-scale flooding in the UK, VMG has been developing floating infrastructure and accomodation solutions for use in high-risk flood zones, both in the UK and globally. VMG’s solution combines a low-cost, financeable unit installable on inland, dry plots but able to rise in situ in response to any floods. VMG is also developing standard floating accomodation units backed by mortgageable finance.

Offshore Supply & Windfarm Installation Vessels

There remains a high demand for suitable vessels geared towards the specific requirements of the offshore wind turbine installation industry and the continuing servicing of offshore wind turbines, for which VMG and SPEC have developed cost-effective vessel designs. VMG and SPEC are in the process of discussing sales and financing with a number of large offshore industry shipowners and managers.