Venture Management Group (VMG) is an international shipping services and renewable technology group. On the shipping side, VMG provides design, build and finance services to the shipowning community. Our services include ship design, new building supervision, ship finance and cross-border lease structuring, and construction management. Venture Management Group is also active in developing and promoting any forms of floating infrastructure, from floating utilities and community facilities to floating accommodation and hotels.

VMG was founded in 1987 to provide project management, capital investment and advice for the shipping industry, leveraging off close relationships with banks to invest in ships. The company philosophy is to invest in the shipping industry alongside banks and other financial institutions, and to mobilise institutional investment funds in the most efficient way for ship users and operators. This led to the inclusion of design services, with Ship Projects Engineering & Contracting, and the building up of relationships with shipyards across the world, allowing us to provide complete shipbuilding packages that are technically advanced and financially efficient. VMG has always focussed on the innovative end of the industry, whether that is use of new materials and technology or innovative design, to meet the needs of its clients.

Since 2008, VMG has in addition been developing projects and support in and relating to the renewable energy industry, with a particular focus on waste-to-energy and its applications both onshore and on floating platforms, and applying innovative financing and construction approaches adapted from the company’s experience in the shipping industry and project management. VMG has also been working on developing composites for concrete reinforcement and aircraft and marine construction.

VMG has a global footprint with offices and representatives in the UK, USA, Spain, Italy and China.